Use Siri to make college life easier

College life can be hectic. Classes, your social life, fitting into someplace new are all challenges that students face. There are poor decisions to be made, too. During the winter semester of my sophomore year I decided to take an 8:00 AM swimming class. Walking to a pool at 7:30 AM on a December morning is a good time to reassess your life choices.

Fortunately, Siri is here to make things easier. From dictation to location-awareness to grabbing a late-night pizza, Apple's digital assistant has got you covered. Here's how Siri can make your school day easier.

Dictate notes between classes

Every year you have that pair of classes that require a brisk, cross-campus walk. Use that time to dictate some notes to Siri. Simply press your iPhone's Home button and say, "Take notes." Continue dictating and Siri will listen attentively, transcribing your notes in Apple's Notes app.

Siri can help you find notes, too. Simply tell it, "Find my note about [word]." It will search through the big mess and pull up just what you need.

Create location-based reminders on campus

This is far and away my favorite feature of iOS. Location-based reminders don't get enough press and that's too bad. Use this feature to your advantage while on campus. For instance, perhaps you must remember to visit a professor's office hours at some point in the day. Tell Siri, "Remind me to call Dr. Johnson when I leave here." Now, when classes end at the Liberal Arts center, you'll be prompted to make that appointment.

Find pizza shops, ATMs, laundromats, etc.

I'll never forget being dropped off in Boston for my first day at Berklee College of Music. I didn't know a single soul and definitely felt like a stranger in a strange land. I could have used Siri to find a bank machine, someplace to eat, a Laundromat and so much more by just asking "Siri, I need an ATM" for example. For incoming out-of-town freshman, this could be quite useful.

Get a hand with research

Now, the Internet isn't necessarily the best source of research information, but it can be a good supplement. Siri can help you get started with “Google [topic]" or “Wolfram [topic]," to focus on those two providers.

Quickly keep in touch with roommates and friends

If you're like me and major in "Running Late," this will help. Siri interprets "tell" as "send a text message." That means, as you're dashing across campus, you can simply say, "Tell Janie I'm running late" and Siri will fire off that next. Now get a move on; Janie is waiting.

Call mom!

Mom misses you. Have Siri to prompt you to call her at regular intervals by saying, "Remind me to call mom every Sunday." After all, you still want to use her washer and dryer when you go back home, right? Better stay on her good side.