Google Street View gets its own app

Over the past couple of years, I've enjoyed taking spherical photos using an app from Google. When I say spherical photos, I mean that they're totally immersive -- with a few swipes, you can see up and down, side to side, and even zoom in if you want. Those photos were uploaded to Street View, and have been remarkably popular -- my 22 photo spheres have almost 74,000 views so far. Now Google has changed the name of the free app to Street View and turned it into a fun way to view photo spheres, take your own, and if a Street View vehicle has been driving around the area, even take a "tour". 

The app makes it easy to take photo spheres simply by moving your iPhone camera around, and the new 2.0 version adds support for cameras built specifically for the task, like the Ricoh Theta S. The app works as a remote for those cameras, allowing a 360° capture with one tap. 

Google Street View gives you the standard map mode view for viewing Street View road images, so it's fun and enlightening to use the app to virtually drive down a street and then into a location.