Inateck BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset: Featherweight Bluetooth headphones with mic

Inateck BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset. Photo ©2015, Steven Sande

Inateck BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset. Photo ©2015, Steven Sande

The latest in a series of a low cost and high quality accessories from Inateck is a bit different -- the BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset (US$29.99 from Amazon) is an extremely lightweight Bluetooth headset that works with your iPhone or Apple Watch to let you listen to music and make calls without weighing yourself down. For more detailed information on this headset, please visit the Inateck website.


The almost invisible Inateck BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset. Photo by Steve Sande.

The almost invisible Inateck BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset. Photo by Steve Sande.

Like many of the lightweight sport headsets on the market, the BH1001 uses a cable to connect the two earpieces -- that cable also has the microphone and switches for volume and pairing. Unlike some of the headsets, though, that's it. I have been totally unimpressed with some "wireless" Bluetooth headsets that were essentially a Bluetooth receiver attached to a regular pair of headphones. That's not the case with the BH1001 -- these are minimalist headphones.

When you're not listening to music, the left and right earpieces connect magnetically to form a sort of "necklace" that can hang around your neck. When you want to listen to tunes, just pop an earpiece in each ear and press the multifunction button on the microphone to reconnect to your music source. When you're done, putting those earpieces together puts the device into pause mode. 

The headphones are IPX4 water resistant, so running in the rain or sweating on the BH1001 won't cause any problems. Inateck provides a small zip carrying bag that can slip into a pocket for those times you don't want to be wearing the BH1001 necklace. A USB to micro-USB cable is included in order to charge the headset; a 3-hour charge provides about 7 hours of listening.


The headset uses Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity, and unlike the majority of Bluetooth headsets and speakers I've tested, that means it never stuttered or dropped out during several hours of listening. The Bluetooth connection is rock-solid. 

Sound quality seemed a bit tinny at first, then I realized that I had the wrong size of earpieces on the headset -- installing a smaller set of the silicone earpieces allowed them to fit in my ears without wanting to pop out. Once that task was done, the music sounded great, with surprising range.

To answer incoming phone calls, you just need to push the multifunction button -- a long press rejects a call. I found the voice quality to be better than I've experienced on many Bluetooth headsets costing six or seven times as much as the BH1001. Whenever I paused music, it stopped immediately; likewise, there was no delay when I started playback again. 

The best thing about the Inateck BH1001? You can totally forget that you're wearing this headset. There's so little weight that it just doesn't feel like you have a headset on. 


I'll admit that I didn't expect the BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset to work as well as it did, and it totally blew away my expectations. At the $30 Amazon price, I have no qualms providing readers with an unqualified "buy it" recommendation.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★