iOS 9 adoption rate continues to grow

For several days after the iOS 9 release on Sept. 16, ISPs and customers reported problems downloading iOS 9 due to overloaded servers. Obviously, the demand for iOS 9 was higher than even Apple anticipated, but how much higher? Few organizations outside of Apple have any idea what the actual iOS 9 adoption rates look like.

By analyzing the user agent strings of requests passing through the CloudFlare network, the Internet performance and security company was able to piece together a pretty good picture of iOS 9 uptake. They shared their results with AppleWorld.Today. (As CloudFlare oversees 5% of global Internet requests, the company has a good handle on how product launches like iOS 9 fare "in the wild.")

CloudFlare started seeing small amounts of iOS 9 usage before it was officially released, followed by a spike immediately after the launch. As of Sept. 21, the relative traffic of iOS 9 to iOS 8 on the CloudFlare network was around 30-35% — and that adoption rate has consistently been growing since iOS 9 was released.

A key part of the iOS 9 announcement was that all iOS apps running on 9.x will require IPv6 support. The IPv4 address space is nearly exhausted, and switching to IPv6 is the only way to keep adding more devices to the global Internet, according to CloudFlare.