How to set up the Workout app in watchOS 2

Apple has released watchOS 2, the first major software update for the Apple Watch. If you've downloaded it (and you should) and haven't yet tried the Workout app, here's how to set it up:

° Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

° Select the Health app. Enter your birthday, sex, height and weight.

Next go to the Workout app. 

You can either enable or disable the "Show Goal Metric." When this is enabled, the smartwatch displays distance, calorie or elapsed time metrics numerically instead of via a progress ring during workouts. Personally, I recommend you enable Show Goal Metric.

Next you can enable Power Saving Mode if you wish. When this is on, the Apple Watch conserves battery life by disabling the heart rate sensor during running and walking workouts. When the heart rate sensor is off, calorie burn calculations may not be as accurate, so I'd leave it on if I were you.

The Workout app lets you set specific goals based on length of time, calories burned, or distance covered. Once activated, Apple Watch will track your heart rate and movement .

To start a workout:

° Open the Workout app and select the type of workout you're preparing to tackle: running, walking, cycling, rowing, elliptical, stair stepper, and more. As you select workouts, Apple Watch will track your preferences and put the most used ones on top.

° Swipe left or right to choose a calorie, time, or distance goal.

° Turn the Digital Crown to set the number.

° Tap Start when you're ready to start your workout.

You can pause your workout by pressing the display screen (do so firmly). Tap Resume to continue.

To obtain watchOS 2, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (which must be running iOS 9) and tap through My Watch > General > Software Update. Make sure your watch is in Bluetooth range of your iPhone and connected to its charger.