Griffin Ultra Thin Case and Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch

Griffin ultra thin case shiny silver

Griffin ultra thin case shiny silver

Now that you've upgraded your Apple Watch to watchOS 2, there's even more of a reason to keep that shiny smartwatch looking new -- you'll want to keep it for years. Fortunately, a lot of companies are coming out with Apple Watch cases, and one of the more popular accessory manufacturers -- Griffin -- has just released two different models. The Ultra Thin Case (US$19.99) is actually a 3-pack of thin and stylish cases for the Watch, while the Survivor Tactical Case ($29.99) provides not only impact protection for the Watch body, but scratch protection for the display as well.

Ultra Thin Case

Available in sizes for the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch, each Ultra Thin Case purchase provides you with three individual cases. Depending on which SKU you pick up, those cases can be shiny gold/matte gold/clear, shiny silver/matte silver/clear, or shiny silver/matte gold/clear. 

Griffin ultra thin case matte silver

Griffin ultra thin case matte silver

The Ultra Thin Case is designed strictly to keep the Apple Watch body free from scratches. They're .5mm thick, meaning that they add almost no bulk or weight to the Watch. I have a Space Gray Sport Edition Watch, and it surprised me just how much the Ultra Thin Case changed the look of the Watch when I snapped one on. 

The shiny silver case made my Watch look brand new and completely different, while the matte silver one added a subtle and clean look to the Watch. The clear case? Well, if you're looking for Watch protection that still shows the original finish of your Watch, that's the one you want to snap onto the Watch.

Of the three, I thought the shiny silver was the classiest. The matte silver was my second favorite, and I wasn't impressed with the clear case at all -- mainly because there's a glaring white Griffin logo on the bottom of it.

Griffin's Ultra Thin Case is a bargain at just $20 for three cases, and it will definitely keep your Watch body from being scratched. Just don't try the clear case, because you're not going to like that Griffin logo.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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Survivor Tactical Case

griffin survivor tactical case

griffin survivor tactical case

While the Ultra Thin Case is designed to just protect the body of the Watch and be as minimalist as possible, the Survivor Tactical Case brings impact protection to the entire Watch and scratch protection to the display. 

It's available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, and in a variety of colors made to match the Apple Sport bands: black, white, blue, green, and coral. The Survivor Tactical Case gets the protection from a chunky black rubber-lined case with a color insert that surrounds the display. The display is protected by a clear material that allows touches to pass through and will keep the display from being scratched. 

I felt that the Ultra Thin case -- at least for the shiny and matte finishes -- enhanced the looks of the Watch, but I can't say that for the Survivor Tactical Case. It's big, it's chunky, and it makes the Watch look much larger than it actually is. 

I also didn't like the way that the case covers the top of the Digital Crown, making it very hard to access. There's also a pass-through cover over the side button that I felt required way too much force. Finally, the material of the Survivor Tactical Case picked up dust like a magnet -- see the image at the top of this part of the review to see what I mean.

So the Survivor Tactical Case is really a dilemma. For someone who needs MIL-STD-810G impact protection for their Watch, it's probably a best buy. For everyone else, it's probably overkill. The looks are awkward, and the way it hinders the side controls of the Watch is not good.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★

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