iShowU Studio for OS X is an intuitive screen casting tool

Shinywhitebox sys its US$79 iShowU Studio for Mac OS X (10.9 and higher) provides "video editing for mortals." That's a pretty high-falutin'  claim, but it's mostly true. The screen casting solution is designed to provide easy post-recording editing and publishing of footage you capture.

iShowU Studio lets you quickly record your Mac's screen. You can capture videos, then edit them by adding text, annotations, pointers and highlights. Though it's aimed at the consumer and beginner prosumer market, it shares a lot of the same features of the iShowU HD and iShowU Pro apps, including camera capture, keyboard/mouse compositing, and upload services to YouTube and Vimeo. 

Once you open the app, you'll be presented with a dialog to help you select a microphone and camera. A red Record button lets you stop and start recording. It's that easy.

When you stop the recording, a new window opens up with your recorded footage. From here you can perform trim, cut, copy, paste, add new media and more. 

The interface provides all the tools you need at a glance, but doesn't clutter things up with unwanted or confusing items. You can capture up to two audio streams (microphone and computer audio) and capture mouse and key press events. The software includes a color correction pipeline from import through to export, hardware accelerated H.264 recording for OS X Mavericks, and more. 

iShowU Studio's track-based editor allows clip arranging and makes it easy to trim an entire composition or segments. You can draw various shapes (text included) at any point in time over the composition. Various tools let you create a ripple-delete effect, pan and zoom, add more media, freeze a frame, split segments, annotate audio and create freeze frames at the same time, crop to a smaller area than the full screen, and group via "Collections." You can export your finished work in 480p, 540p, 720p or 1080p. 

Even though starting with iShowU Studio is fairly easy, shinywhitebox cleverly includes a link so you can download a manual in ebook format. Once downloaded it opens up in the iBooks app and is helpful it getting you up to speed with the "power" features of iShowU Studio.

Not all of us need a screen capture app. But for those who do, iShowU is worth a look. It's not inexpensive, but it's intuitive with lots of power lurking below the surface.