48 hours after launch, iOS 9 adoption rate surpasses that of Android Lollipop

One of the amazing things about Apple controlling the hardware and software in its ecosystem is just how fast a new operating system can spread. Mixpanel's data shows that this morning, iOS 9 adoption reached 21.24 percent and it's still climbing. That's after only 48 hours of availability to the public.

By comparison, let's look at the sad, fragmented Android world. Android 5.0 (which arrived on November 13, 2014) and Android 5.1 (March 9, 2015) together as "Android Lollipop" make up 21 percent of the Android world.

What does this mean in practical terms? That almost a quarter of all iOS users are able to take advantage of the latest features of iOS 9 in just two days, while after ten months, the vast majority -- 79 percent -- of Android users are still using an older operating system and unable to reap the benefits of a modern OS. 

We should all really feel sorry for the 39.2 percent of Android users who are running a two-year-old operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat. Remember, Android device owners, there's now an app to help you move to iOS. It's time to move away from the dark side.