54% of owners in limited survey 'very satisfied' with their Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners generally love their smartwatch, according to new data from 451 Research.

The July 27-Aug. 4 survey, conducted by 451 Research’s ChangeWave service, focused on overall satisfaction, key likes and dislikes, and the impact Apple Watch is having on other markets. A total of 145 Apple Watch owners participated.

Overall satisfaction ratings (87%) are very positive for the Apple Watch. According to 451 Research, more than half (54%) of owners saying they’re "very satisfied" and 33% are "somewhat satisfied" with their new device. 

In terms of expectations, 28% of Apple Watch owners say their new smart watch exceeds expectations and 51% say it meets expectations. Whenowners of the device owners were asked whether they’d recommend their new device to a friend or colleague, 83% say they’re very likelyy (55%) or somewhat likely (28%) to do so.

Notifications (49%) is the number one thing Apple Watch owners like best about their device, followed by health and fitness monitoring (41%). Aesthetics/design (30%) was also a popular choice. 

However, a total of 37% of owners say the battery life is Too Short, and 31% dislike its reliance on the iPhone. Other dislikes include lack of waterproofing (25%), the selection of apps (17%) and the learning curve (17%).

Nearly half of all Apple Watch owners (46%) say they had previously planned on buying a health and fitness monitor but have put that purchase on hold or canceled it altogether now that they have an Apple Watch. Another 16% say they’ve put on hold or canceled a traditional watch purchase. 

Eight-five percent of Apple Watch owners say they wear their device on a daily basis, and another 11% several times a week. Before purchasing the watch, more than two-thirds (69%) say they wore a traditional watch daily (61%) or several times a week (8%). But since buying their Apple Watch, an overwhelming majority of owners who also have a traditional watch say the Apple Watch has replaced it (82%). 

Other key findings from the survey include:

° Apple Watch owners were asked how often they use various features and functionalities on their smart watch. Four-in-five (79%) say they use their Apple Watch for health and fitness monitoring on a daily basis. Another 63% say they send and receive text messages, while 52% check the weather daily.

° The survey found lag time when scrolling or refreshing (29%) is the top problem experienced by owners.

° Issues with the sensor (19%) – the focus of several media reports in the aftermath of the Apple Watch release – ranks second. But when 451 Research asked Apple Watch owners about the extent of the sensor problem, just 4% characterize it as a "very big problem," and 8% say it’s "somewhat of a problem."

° A total of 61% consider their Apple Watch to be a technology device, but just 1% think it’s a fashion accessory. At the same time, better than a third (36%) say it works equally as both.