Wozniak: Jobs wasn't fired from Apple, he left on his own

"Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP" by Matthew Yohe. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

"Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP" by Matthew Yohe. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

History, as Steve Jobs had written it, has the Apple co-founder battling against a hostile board of directors and then-CEO John Sculley before being fired and heading off to found NeXT. That bit of common folklore has been refuted by Sculley, who earlier this year said "Steve was never fired. He took a sabbatical and was still chairman of the board. He was down, no one pushed him, but he was off the Mac, which was his deal - he never forgave me for that." Now Steve Wozniak has added fuel to the fire by posting a similar comment on Facebook.

Responding to a post by Robert Scoble regarding Woz's favorable review of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic on The Verge, Woz said that:

Steve Jobs wasn’t pushed out of the company. He left. I supported him in his belief that he was made to create computers. But up until then he’d only had failures at creation. He was great at productizing and marketing the Apple ][ and the revenues financed the failures Apple ///, LISA, Macintosh and NeXT. This is not shown in the movie. After the Macintosh failure it’s fair to assume that Jobs’ left out of his feeling of greatness, and embarrassment about not having achieved it. That is not shown either.
— Steve Wozniak, on Facebook

It's interesting to see that Wozniak and other friends of Jobs are finally speaking up about the reality of the late CEO's personality and life, four years after his death. During the months and years just after Jobs passed on October 5, 2011, it seemed like nobody was willing or able to make negative comments about his forceful personality. Now that a respectful amount of time has passed, it's nice to see that his former co-workers are able to open up about the fact and fiction surrounding Jobs.