NuStand 360 for the iPad is useful but outdated

If you're like me and are still holding on to your first generation iPad then the NuStand 360 by NewerTech is for you. Though I was a skeptic at first, it only took a few minutes after taking the NuStand 360 out of the box to realize the benefits this stand can offer. 

There is some simply assembly using only using one screw (and a screwdriver is included), then popping on the silicone blocks that correspond with your generation of iPad. After assembly the only thing left to do is snap in your Apple tablet and enjoy. 

I can see the benefits of the NuStand 360 in an office setting, but the NewStand 360 shouldn't be limited to a desk. In fact, the NewStand 360 is the perfect stand for using your iPad in the kitchen. 

The kitchen is where my iPad lives. However, I am constantly irritated with the botched angles and flimsy support of other stands. The NuStand 360's aluminum body with removable silicone blocks securely holds in the iPad while the 360 degree swivel-pivot offers virtually any viewing angle, perfect for moving around the kitchen.

I do feel that NewerTech has limited themselves with the NuStand 360 by only offering compatibly with the iPad and iPad 2. We live in such a fast paced market of technology that this product, while great for those with “dinosaur” iPads like myself, isn't current with today's market and will be quickly looked over by those seeking a stand for their newer generations. 

For the price tag of US$59.95, the NuStand should include various silicone blocks to fit every generation. No matter how much I love it, it is still over-priced and out dated for today’s market. 

(BTW, the bulk of this article was written by my daughter-in-law, Jennifer, who has just given birthday to a bouncing baby girl, Elizabeth Katherine. So, yep, I'm a granddad.)