A look at "a latte" iOS apps for National Coffee Month

August is National Coffee Month. Well, okay, it's not been established as an official "national" holiday by the Congressional Record or a Presidential proclamation (heck, I can't even find out how it started). However, since I love my java, it sounds like a good reason to celebrate by listing some of our favorite coffee-related iPhone/iPad apps at the Apple App Store:

° The free Starbucks app (also available for the Apple Watch) lets you pay for your drink without cash or a credit card. You can even include a tip in your payment. Plus, you'll get a free drink at participating stores (alas, some restrictions apply) when you join My Starbucks Rewards and sign up for email rewards.

° Speaking of Starbucks, Sepia Software has served up Secret Menu for Starbucks. It informs you about "secret items" that aren't listed on the coffee shop's menu.

° Intelligentsia Coffee lets users quickly browse through Intelligentsia’s lineup of coffees. They include steps for using an Aeropress, and a brew calculator so users can get the information they need to make a great brew.

° Coffee Order ($0.99) helps you get everyone's order right when buying coffee for a group.

° Spro is a $1.99 app designed to help you brew great coffee at home. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to brew 14 espresso-based drinks such as Macchiato, Americano, Latte and Afogato. 

° Find Me Coffee  is a free iPhone/iPad app that shows you coffee shops near your location — or any other location in the world. 

° Beanhunter is a free app that lets you track down great coffee shops and cafes. You can read and write reviews, view and add photos and save your favorite places for later.

° Coffee Maker ($2.99) offers an introduction to the most popular espresso-based drinks. It also provides some interested details about each drink.

° Coffee Cafe is a free game that lets you serve a variety of coffee drinks and cupcakes to your customers. Over 100 different order types are available.

° Barista ($1.99) is similar to Coffee Cafe. You serve up coffee drinks for your customers, but have to do it quickly and well to earn tips.