How to deal with iPhone 6 freezes

For months, I've been using my iPhone 6 Plus with no problems. Recently, however, it began randomly freezing on me. If you've experiencing the same thing, or other problems, try the following solutions in order — AFTER you've backed up your iPhone data to your iCloud or iTunes.

  • First you'll want to perform a soft reset. This restarts your iPhone and doesn't erase any of content or data.
  • From the home screen, press and hold the Power key and the Home key.
  • Release the Power key and the Home key when the Apple logo appears and the iPhone restarts.

If that doesn't work (and it didn't for me) you'll have to reset all settings. This will remove most of the old settings. For example, you'll have to set up Touch ID and your wallpaper again. The good news: all your photos and data will remain intact. To reset all settings:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap on General.
  • Scroll down and tap on Reset.
  • Tap on Reset All Settings.

This will take a few minutes. If resetting all settings doesn't work (and it didn't for me), you'll have to do a factory reset — effectively returning your iPhone to the state it was in when you bought it. Unfortunately, this removes all your data and settings, which is why you should back up all your iPhone's data before taking this step. 

  • Once your data is backed up, go to Settings>General>Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings.
  • A warning box will appear, with the option to Erase iPhone in red. Tap this.
  • You must enter your Apple ID password to confirm this is really what you want to do. Then the iPhone will be wiped clean and and go back to the initial setup screen you saw when you first began using your Apple smartphone.

Once it's completed, you can set your smartphone up as a new iPhone, restore your data from an iCloud backup, or restore it from an iTunes backup.  Once you’ve done this, and agreed to Apple's terms and conditions, your iPhone will begin restoring all of your data. This will, again, take several minutes. 

While erasing all content and settings is a bit of a pain, it usually fixes any problems you're experiencing. And, yes, this eliminated the freezing problems I was facing with my iPhone 6 Plus.