View a wealth of image data with PixelMet for iPhone

Like so many apps, PixelMet (free with in-app purchase) was built to fill a specific need. "When I am on my Mac," developer Danny Wong told me, "I can view the location of my photos with the Photos app on OS X. However, I can't do the same thing on iOS to my satisfaction, and I couldn't find any third party app that did the job. I thought, why don't I build one myself?"

The result is PixelMet, which Danny calls "a companion to Apple's Photos app on iOS," akin to the "get info" function on a Mac. I've been playing with it for a few days and I've found it's a nifty little utility. Here's our look at PixlMet for iPhone.

Summarize, Mr. Data

PixelMet's provides a lot of information on your photos. Once you've given the app permission to access your photos, just tap anyone to make your selection. From there you're taking to a very clean and well laid-out information screen.

Basic information displayed includes: Device and lens used Image size and dimension ISO Focal length White balance Aperture Shutter speed Flash status

You can also view the image's creation date, modification date and location, represented by a pin on a map.

The app's handling of location data offers two nice features. Tap on the map to reveal two options: Open in Map and Share Location. For the cost of the $0.99 premium feature, you can have PixelMet open that location in a mapping app on your phone. Additionally, you can opt to share the location via Twitter, Facebook, email...on and on.

Ah, but what if you want to share an image without any of its metadata, including location information? No problem. Just tap the share button and select Share Photo without Metadata.

All of the data

Once you're itching for more data, tap Details. A new screen appears with a lot of information, including camera info, EXIF info and detailed GPS data like latitude, longitude, time stamp, altitude and more.

PixelMet won't be a must-have app for everyone but it does its job very well, providing a wealth of information on your iOS photos. It's a fantastic effort from a developer who learned to code entirely just to build PixelMat:

"I am a self-taught iOS developer. My day job is IT Capacity Planner, which has nothing to do with programming. PixlMet is the first app that I developed during my free time after work."

Well done, Danny! PixelMet is available in the App Store now.