AWT News Update: August 24, 2015

What a crazy day for the stock markets around the world, with Apple getting pummeled and then recovering. There's more to that story, as you'll find out:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook may have violated market "Fair Disclosure" regulations by sending a reassuring email to Jim Cramer this morning
  • A fuel cell for your iPhone? It may happen sooner than you think
  • Some iPhone 6 Plus cameras are taking blurry photos; if your phone is in the proper serial number range and exhibiting the symptoms, you can get it replaced at no charge
  • Big changes in store for the Apple Store

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for August 24, 2015.

Today has been a bit of a terrifying roller coaster ride for owners of Apple stock. The stock, which closed at $105.76 per share on Friday, opened at $94.87 before recovering, almost reaching $109 a share before closing at $104.17. This morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook was contacted by THe Street’s Jim Cramer, and Cook took some time out of his morning workout to respond to Cramer with a reassuring email. Well, now some financial websites are wondering if Tim Cook violated market “Fair Disclosure” regulations by sending those emails out. Some days you can’t win for losing.

A British power technology company by the name of Intelligent Energy took an iPhone 6 and did something quite interesting with it — they added a built-in fuel cell that’s capable of powering the phone for up to a week. The system uses hydrogen as a fuel, producing water vapor and electricity as its byproducts. The only differences in the iPhone 6 — other than the built-in fuel cell — are a few vents on the back to let out the water vapor and a modified headphone socket for refueling the fuel cell with hydrogen. Interestingly, some analysts believe that Apple is working with Intelligent Energy, as Apple has a number of fuel cell technology patents.

Is the camera on your iPhone 6 Plus taking blurry pictures? If so, you might want to check the serial number on Apple’s website, as it can be replaced free of charge as some of the cameras have a defective part. Yours truly has an iPhone 6 Plus in the serial number range, but it’s taking excellent photos so it won’t be replaced.

MacRumors is reporting that changes to the Apple Store could eliminate the popular $99 One to One tutoring program, with free in-store workshops being accompanied by similar tutorials online. In addition, 9to5Mac says that the Smart Signs — otherwise known as iPads loaded with pricing information — at Apple Stores will be replaced with new apps loaded on the devices that are being sold. An app for perusing Mac hardware pricing and capabilities will be loaded onto showroom machines, and a similar app will be placed on the Home Screens of iPads and iPhones in the stores. The new apps will apparently be promoted in Apple Stores starting this Wednesday, August 26.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.