Study: 12% of Android users are considering a switch to the upcoming iPhone 6s/6s Plus

In a report obtained by AppleWorld.Today, Phoenix and SessionM's mobile insights platform, mXP, says that 12% of Android users are considering making the switch when Apple introduces the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. The next gen smartphone is expected to be introduced at an early September event — though Apple hasn't confirmed such an event.

The Phoenix market research firm says this "could potentially be a significant opportunity for Apple to increase its user base." More than 39,000 on-the-go consumers responded to the one-question micro-study that ran for 24 hours on Aug. 11. It was comprised of 42% Android users and 58% iOS users.

The single question — "Are you planning on buying the new iPhone this fall?" — was sent across a network of 12 million-plus mobile device users of the mXP platform. Here's a breakdown of the answers received:

° Yes, as soon as it is released - 6.3%.

° Yes, but not until I am available for an upgrade - 14.4%.

° Maybe, if it receives good reviews - 10.6%.

° No, I am happy with the iPhone I currently have - 32.3%.

° No, I prefer Android phones - 36.4%.