Parallels Access 3.0 available, includes Apple Watch companion app

For making remote connections to a Mac from an iOS device, there's probably no solution out there that's better than Parallels Access. Version 3.0 of Parallels Access has just become available -- both the iOS app and the Mac companion app -- and for those of you with Apple Watches, there's now a new Apple Watch companion app. 

Here's the word from Parallels on the new version:

File Sharing — Share any file directly from your computer. No cloud storage required, no file size limit, no upload time wasted. Just get a link to a file on your computer and share it with your friends.
Apple Watch companion app — Now you can see your remote computer’s status, initiate a connection to it, and control media playback on remote computer, right from your wrist.
Gaming mode (experimental) — Special mode with easily accessible controls for modern computer games

Enhancements to Universal File Manager:
- Ability to connect to a remote computer without capturing the screen; only for file operations
- Support for OneDrive cloud storage in File Manager
- Ability to transfer files from Parallels Access to other apps on the mobile device
- Access to Photos on mobile devices
- File previews in icons for easier file browsing

Other enhancements:
- Ability to add applications stored in non-standard locations to App Launcher
- Improved copy-paste between the mobile device and a remote computer
- Support for both landscape and portrait device orientation for smartphones and tablets
- Improved Help system and File Manager Tutorial
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

I tried out the Watch companion app and found it to be interesting, although somewhat limited in usefulness. It is nice to be able to check availability of a remote Mac with a tap on the wrist, and setting up a connection with another tap is priceless. But the real power of Parallels Access comes with the remote control and Universal File Manager functions that are available only in the iOS app, and those have been improved dramatically.

For anyone already using Parallels Access, this is a no-brainer upgrade.