AWT News Update: August 11, 2015

It's raining again in the high desert plains near Denver, but that didn't keep us from recording today's Apple World Today News Update:

  • Salesforce is taking wearables very seriously, outing 20 new Watch apps and providing details on five of them
  • Some iOS 9 beta testers are beginning to see Wi-Fi Calling appear on their AT&T phones
  • The devaluation of the Chinese currency today had a negative effect on shares of Apple
  • Fiksu is starting to see signs of two new iPhones, not three...

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for August 11, 2015.

Salesforce is a company that is taking wearable technology very seriously, and today it showed off five new Apple Watch apps built by the company’s partners using the Salesforce Wear toolkit. The apps run the gamut: BetterWorks Wear connects employees around common goals, ContactWorld for Wearables integrates caller ID with Salesforce data to give sales and service reps immediate visibility into who’s calling and the value that customer has to the company. FieldExpert provides mobile scheduling for workforces - wish our local Comcast service techs had this capability on their watches. TaskRay is a project management app that lets PMs keep tabs on a project’s status via completion gauges that can be viewed at a glance. Project Managers can actually speak updates into the watch for conversion into text and auto entry into Salesforce. Finally, Vlocity’s Wear app for Communications and Media provides PR reps with customer profile data and allows initiation of tasks from the app such as updating cases, sending bills, or creating new orders. Salesforce says it also has 15 more Watch apps that are ready to go, although it focused solely on the five just discussed.

Don’t go running to update your iPhone to iOS 9 yet because it’s still in beta, but AT&T Wi-Fi Calling began being rolled out to a limited number of testers recently. What’s great about this feature is that for those of us who have poor cell coverage in our homes or offices, we can send and receive calls over Wi-Fi. Once this is rolled out and working in a number of US regions, AT&T customers will be able to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi calling and regular LTE service based on their location.

Thanks to China’s devaluation of its currency today, shares in Apple took a nosedive today, ending up down 6.23 points to 113.49, or down 5.2 percent. China is considered one of Apple’s shining markets, and many investors realize that the devaluation will make Apple products more expensive for the Chinese. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 212.33 or 1.21 percent at 17402.84 — Apple is a part of the Index and it’s likely that it dragged down the average quite a bit.

And finally, mobile app marketing platform Fiksu has seen two new iPhones appear in its data logs, expected to be the next generation iPhone 6 models. This shoots down theories that Apple would roll out a third model, perhaps to replace the iPhone 5c.

We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.