Alto's Adventure 1.1 offers a slew of new goodies

Alto's Adventure from Snowman has you snowboarding through beautiful terrain to capture wayward llamas. We reviewed the game back in February, and now version 1.1 brings cool new goodies and squashes some bugs along the way. 

New goodies! 

If you've played Alto you've certainly slammed into the snow or plummeted to your death. A new helmet and pickaxe will save you from crashes and chasms, respectively. They're single-use items and you can purchase them with in-game virtual currency (there are NO in-app purchase in Alto's Adventure).

My favorite new feature is the Llama Horn. Once purchased from the workshop, the horns appear randomly on the course. When you pick one up, a stampeding herd of llamas appears in front of you. Catch them all! You can upgrade the horn to generate even more llamas at once. 

Lastly, the Wingsuit timer, coin magnet and hoverboard have been improved with upgrades that increase their effectiveness. As for other improvements, the game now supports additional languages, supports Metal and 64-bit and squashes a lot of bugs. 

This game continues to entertain me. Now if I could only grind five rooftops in a single run, I'll be good.