Secur SP-4003: The 6-in-1 car charger that could save your life

Secur SP-4003 Six-in-one car charger. Photo ©2015 steven sande

Secur SP-4003 Six-in-one car charger. Photo ©2015 steven sande

When an email came through the Apple World Today offices pitching yet another car charger, my first impulse was to yawn. I mean, you can buy these things at the dollar store for the purpose of plugging in your USB-powered devices for a quick charge in the car, so what’s the big deal? Well, a closer look showed that the Secur SP-4003 Six-in-One Car Charger (US$34.99) can do quite a bit more than just charge your iPhone or iPad — it could save your life.

While the video below can pretty much demonstrate all of the features of the SP-4003, here’s a rundown of the features:

  1. Car mobile USB device charger (5V, 1A output)
  2. 2200 mAh battery pack
  3. 150 Lumen LED flashlight with 4 hour life at full charge
  4. Flashing red emergency light with 10 hour life at full charge
  5. Emergency window breaker
  6. Emergency seat belt cutter

This is one device that could really help out if you’re stuck in a car that’s rapidly sinking into a lake! You grab the SP-4003, use it to cut yourself free from the jammed seat belt, take a deep breath, then smash the window to equalize the pressure and provide an escape route. Once you’re safely on shore, you can use the red emergency flasher light and LED flashlight to signal for help, or use the built-in battery pack to top off your phone to call for help.

Sure, the scenario sounds far-fetched, but wouldn’t you rather have a tool like this Six-in-One Car Charger to help you out in the unlikely case it does happen? And you probably need a new car charger anyways, am I right?

The design is really quite clever. The tip of the charger (where it is plugged into the 12-V outlet in your car) conceals a sharp tip that will shatter automotive glass. The seat belt cutter is a razor blade that is well out of the way of fingers, yet will slice through woven material quickly. I sacrificed one of my Olloclip lanyards as a test -- although it's not as thick as a seatbelt, the cutter sliced through it with no effort.

The flashlight can be a real help even when you're not in an emergency situation, helping to find that pair of sunglasses that fell beneath the seat. The flashing red emergency light could be a big help when you're trying to change a tire at night by the side of the road, warning other motorists of your presence.


While car chargers are usually a dime-a-dozen proposition, the Secur SP-4003 is one that is going into my car immediately.

Apple World Today Rating (out of five stars): ★★★★★

At the present time, it appears that the Secur SP-4003 Six-in-One Car Charger can be ordered at B&H Photo or Brick House Security for delivery in the near future.