The Week of Apple Watch Stands Continues: DODOcase Dual Charging Dock Organizer and Apple Watch Charging Stand

All photos ©2015, Steven Sande. All rights reserved.

All photos ©2015, Steven Sande. All rights reserved.

Last week Apple World Today reviewed three Apple Watch charging stands: the Griffin WatchStand, the Nomad Stand for Apple Watch, and Fuse Chicken’s Bobine Watch. We also took a side trip to take a look at an odd little Watch stand on Kickstarter: WATCHme. This week we’re back with even more charging stands for the Apple Watch, this time from DODOcase. The company has not one, but two charging stands that we’ll look at; the DODOcase Dual Charging Dock Organizer (US$79.95) and the Apple Watch Charging Stand ($99.95).

DODOcase Dual Charging Dock Organizer

DODOcase got its start making the first book-type cases for iPad and iPhone, and the San Francisco-based company is still going strong. For the Dual Charging Dock Organizer, the company stayed true to its design roots, using a handmade bookbound cover with a Baltic Birch tray like many of the iPhone and iPad cases.

Now, what do they mean by Dual Charging Dock Organizer? Simple. This is a two-in-one charging dock for iPhone and Apple Watch with a built-in cable management system. It’s portable for travel, with a hidden storage compartment for saving cables and extra Watch bands.

Fold back the “front cover” of the Dual Charging Dock Organizer, and you see the beautiful birch tray. It has a slot in it for an iPhone (sorry, but one with a thick case is not going to fit), and a hole for the Apple Watch charging cable “puck”.

A couple of caveats are listed on the DODOcase site: it says that the organizer will not hold an iPhone 6 Plus in a case, although my Plus — in both the Ollocase and a Wally — fit snugly. The other caveat is that it’s not compatible with the Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet Watch straps, as the Watch lays flat on the surface of the organizer.

The tray is magnetically attached to the outer cover of the organizer, and with a pull you can remove it. This is where the magic of the organizer appears — there are all sorts of little channels for routing cables, as well as that large storage compartment right under where the Apple Watch sites.

The organizer comes with instructions on how to properly route the cables, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. I was quite happy with the way that the cover of the organizer props up the tray so that the Watch and iPhone are both visible. It’s perfect for travel or for everyday use, and at $79.95, it’s also pretty affordable. The Dual Charging Dock Organizer would be a perfect and well-received gift for anyone who has an iPhone and a Watch.


The DODOcase Dual Charging Dock Organizer is a beautiful and cleverly-designed accessory for charging your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, with a design that’s perfect for home or the road.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

DODOcase Charging Stand for Apple Watch

If the DODOcase Dual Charging Dock Organizer is the functional, yet stylish station wagon of the DODOcase Apple Watch accessory line, then the Charging Stand for Apple Watch is the hand-built luxury sports car. It’s handmade from a piece of California American Walnut, on a weighted steel base to insure that the stand stays in place when you lift the Watch off. There’s a leather pad on the bottom of that steel to protect your desk, table or nightstand.

Unlike the Dual Charging Dock Organizer, the Charging Stand works with any Watch band, including the Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet. That’s because it works best with the strap closed.

As with many charging stands of this type, the DODOcase Charging Stand has a channel carved in the back into which the cable is placed. Excess cable isn’t hidden, so be sure that you have the proper length charging cable — 1M or 2M — to avoid having loops of cable festooned all over your desktop.

Like a few other charging stands we’ve reviewed over the past week, the Charging Stand for Apple Watch has one flaw that might be a deal-killer for some potential buyers — it will not work with the Watch in the horizontal watchOS 2 “Nightstand Mode” if you have a closed-loop band.


It’s beautiful, it’s well made, and it would be a welcome gift for your favorite Watch owner. But the premium price for the DODOcase Charging Stand and the inability for those with closed-loop Watch bands to use it in Nightstand Mode keep it from gaining a top score.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★