Stay hydrated with AddWater Pro for iPhone and Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is, among other things, a health-tracking device. Apple's Activity app monitors your movement and exercise without your having do a thing, while the workout app focuses on your concerted efforts to get up and moving.

Health-conscious developers see opportunities to build upon Apple's efforts. For example, Lanyap MediaWorks has released AddWater Pro for iPhone ($1.99) and Apple Watch, which helps you monitor your daily water intake. Focused on speed and efficiency, AddWater Pro lets you quickly note what you drink, browse your hydration history and even provides rewards for hitting goals. Here's our look at AddWater Pro.

Getting started

When you launch AddWater Pro for the first time, you're guided through an initial tutorial. It explains a lot; in fact it explains too much. There's a lot of tiny text here, and much of it is a sales pitch. That's unnecessary because, of course, I've already installed the app.

Once you've learned how and why AddWater Pro does what it does, it's time to enter your information.

There are several categories of information here, including your profile (age, weight, gender, etc.) which includes a "lifestyle index." This is a ranked hierarchy that starts at 1 (Sedentary, less than 500 steps) and ends at 5 (highly active, more than 12,500 daily steps).

Once that's been filled in, adjust your notification preferences, sharing and syncing options (share data with FitBit or Twitter), your preferred units of measurement and more.

The nicest thing here is the quick-add feature. If, for example, you typically drink 8 ounces of water at a time, set that as your default measurement so that updating AddWater Pro is as simple as a tap. I have to say this is really nice, it's nice and fast indeed.

There's also a Health screen for tracking additional information. For example, you can browse a urine chart. Compare the color in the chart to what you're producing to gain insight about your body's state of hydration. I'll mention here that advice supplied by AddWater Pro in this way does not represent or replace the same from a medical professional.

You can also note your physical activity, the day's temperature, any alcoholic drinks you've had during the day and if you've been ill.


AddWater Pro promises to be fast and efficient, and that it is. Once you've entered your quick-add preference, updating the app is literally a tap on the Apple Watch or iPhone (AddWater Pro has a Today widget on the iPhone). Those who monitor their water intake will find it a nice companion, and those who don't will be prompted to start.

There are opportunities for refinement here, like the excessively wordy tutorial, tiny text and a misplaced button on the Health screen (when scrolling it lies on top of certain elements), but those are all fixable. AddWater Pro is available now for $1.99. If you'd like to try before you buy, check out AddWater. It's free and does everything it's paid sibling does, minus the Health screen and Apple Watch support. Both can be unlocked via in-app purchase. Now drink up!