AWT News Update: June 11, 2015

Apple Store Fifth Avenue, Photo by Apple Inc. 

Apple Store Fifth Avenue, Photo by Apple Inc. 

At the top of the virtual headlines today:

  • The 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC will be undergoing a renovation soon
  • A new Apple Store in the Upper East Side will open this Saturday
  • Foxconn wants to build an iPhone plant in India
  • ReplayKit will make it easier for users to record gameplay for sharing
  • The iPod disappears from the top menu of Apple's website

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I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is a short AWT News Update for June 11, 2015. Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Marketcircle, for making it all possible. Check out the AWT website for information on the company’s new Apple Watch companion app for Billings Pro and their Daylite products for small business.

The 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York gets a lot of visitors. The big glass cube is open 24 hours per day, and it’s a NYC landmark. Well, Apple plans to renovate the store soon and will move on a temporary basis to the location of the FAO Schwarz toy store in the General Motors Building — literall just steps away. The toy store is being vacated next month due to the high cost of rent, something that Apple can apparently afford. There’s no word on when the renovations will begin or exactly how long they’ll last.

And speaking of Apple Stores in New York, the new Upper East Side Apple Store will open on Saturday in an building that was originally the site of the US Mortgage & Trust bank. Apple reproduced some of the original chandeliers from old photographs of the facility, restored marble floors, and turned a bank vault into a showroom for VIPs. There’s no Apple logo on the outside of the building, except for a black flag with a white Apple logo that hangs from the bank’s original flagpole. The store will be the 266th in the US and the seventh in New York City.

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is apparently in talks to build an iPhone manufacturing plant in India. Reuters says that the company wants to achieve lower costs and boost sales of the iPhone in India, and may also be looking to build iPads and iPods in India.

Here’s a cool iOS 9 feature that will come in handy for gamers and developers alike. ReplayKit is a new framework in iOS 9 that lets developers enable screen recording in their apps. Users can then record what’s going on in a game or another app, then share recorded information through an iOS share sheet. At the present time, users need to use a Mac or other equipment to record iOS screens in action.

Finally, you may not have noticed but there’s something missing from the top menu of the Apple website. Since the site was updated on Monday to highlight the upcoming appearance of Apple Music, the iPod is no longer listed along with Store, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch and other items. That underscores just how unimportant the iPod is to Apple’s bottom line these days — a vast majority of people listen to music on their iPhones or iPads now. It’s sad to see that the popular device that raised Apple from obscurity in the early 2000s is itself becoming a historical footnote. For the time being, iPods are still being sold, but they no longer have their own section of the Apple website.

We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for another edition of the AWT News Update.