Todoist comes to Apple Watch

After months of careful development, Todoist is now ready for Apple Watch.

I appreciate the work that's been happening at Todoist. Early this year, the company began work on Todoist for the Apple Watch. Without a Watch in hand, however, the developers knew proper testing was impossible. So they decided to wait:

"For our entire team, an excellent user experience is paramount to everything else, and this is not something that we’re willing to sacrifice. When we build our apps, we take great care to make sure each detail is both meaningfully and dutifully designed. Todoist for Apple Watch is not an exception – only when we have been able to thoroughly test the app on the device will we release it to our community."

Today, the patience and dedication has paid off. Todosit 10.1, with support for Apple Watch, is now available, bringing with it a slew of useful features that make the Watch more than a simple reference tool. Instead, you can be productive right from your wrist. Here's our look at Todoist for Apple Watch.


Like many project management solutions, Todoist comes down to lists, and lists are right at home on the Watch's small screen. Many of Todoist's design elements have made the migration, so it feels familiar on the Watch: tag icons, priority icons, color coding and others are where you'd expect them to be.

Everything is clean and legible, which is important when you only want to spend a second or two scanning some information. But how does it work in daily practice?


Todoist for Apple Watch supports Glance view, which displays the next thing you've got to get done. Tap it to launch the app proper and browse your Inbox, Today view, Projects, Labels (for Premium customers), and Filters. As I said, this is no mere reference. It's a functional project manager with nearly all of the features of its desktop or web-based counterparts. Navigation is simple and intuitive; just tap and swipe as you would on the iPhone. That's all great, but the best part is getting information into Todoist for Apple Watch.

Voice Command is my favorite feature of this update, as it lets me add items to Todoist with natural, spoken language. To get started, Force Touch on the screen while the app is running and begin speaking. The app will recognize what you're saying, including due dates, and transcribe it into text. This has been my big sticking point with electronic project and to-do managers since the beginning. The process of getting my phone out of my pocket, unlocking it, opening an app, tapping the button to enter a new item and then typing that item just took too long. Now, I can simply press and speak. It's fantastic, seriously.

Todoist 10.1 also supports advanced notifications for shared projects. You can opt to get pinged when you're invited to a shared project, when someone comments on a shared project, when you approach a certain location or precisely when a task is due (time and date).

After a month of waiting for Todoist for Apple Watch, I'm quite pleased with it. The app's developers weren't the first productivity app to hit Apple's latest device, but theirs is the one I was glad to wait for. I'm happy to say my patience paid off.