Feed the Line is a tricky precision game for iPhone, iPad

Feed the Line (free, universal) is a precision game from Touchdown Games with one rule: push rising blocks into a line in the center of the screen before they reach the top. Sounds easy, but this game is kicking my backside.

The game is played in landscape orientation, with the line bisecting the play area. There's are "fingers" on the far left- and right-hand sides, pointing towards the center. As you play, small, colorful blocks rise from the bottom on the screen. You must push them onto the line before they reach the top of the screen by tapping left or right to extend the fingers and give them a nudge. The longer the tap, the further the fingers extends. Once three blocks reach the top of the screen outside of the line, the game is over.

I've played this game many times over the past two weeks, and my high score is five. Nudging the blocks just so takes a precision that eludes me. I've found that tapping the left and right fingers simultaneously helps sometimes, but not always, as evidenced by my high score.

Feed the Line offers challenges to shoot for, plus a store. An in-app purchase of $1.99 removes ads (of which there are many), and you can buy one or two extra lives for $2.99 or $3.99, respectively.

The game has positive reviews on the App Store, so don't let cranky old Dave dissuade you from trying this free title. Perhaps precision games just aren't for me.