AWT News Update: May 14, 2015, incorporating Think Different Thursday

Today's Apple World Today News Update includes accessibility editor Alex Jurgensen's Think Different Thursday report, providing instruction on how to use Apple's VoiceOver technology to provide an audible caller ID for your iPhone. Our other news includes:

  • Word on how IT professionals can get a $200 discount from Apple World Today on registration for the MacIT Conference
  • An Apple Store in Monterey, CA was evacuated after a package made some people ill
  • Fortune's report that HomeKit was going to be delayed has been refuted by Apple
  • UBS thinks Apple could seel more than 51 million iPhones in the quarter ending June 30, 2015

The text version of the podcast script is located below for your reading pleasure.

Text version

Steve Sande here from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for May 14, 2015.

Usually at the start of the AWT News Update I tell you about our sponsor for the week; today, I’ll be telling you about something we’re sponsoring. It’s the MacIT Conference, which will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center between July 14 and 16. MacIT is the premiere event for deploying Apple in the enterprise, and we’re proud to be a media sponsor. If you’re an IT expert looking to bring Apple devices into your company, you can get $200 off the early preferred registration rate of $695 by clicking the link on Apple World Today. Be sure to read today’s interview with conference chair Paul Kent.

The Del Monte Apple Store in Monterey California was evacuated yesterday after a dozen people in the store were nauseated by fumes coming from a package that had been delivered by FedEx. Several workers from the store picked up a delivery, and a smell from the package began to make people feel sick. Four people were hospitalized, and the store was closed and evacuated as a precaution. It turns out that the package was contaminated by a clear liquid organic peroxide that is used by the regional FedEx distribution center as a disinfectant. FedEx is looking into the cause of the contamination.

Earlier today, Fortune reported that Apple was going to delay the launch of its HomeKit home automation initiative until fall due to issues with key software components. Apple responded to the Wall Street Journal, with Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller reporting that “HomeKit certification has been available for just a few months and we already have dozens of partners who have committed to bringing HomeKit accessories to market. We’re looking forward to the first ones coming next month.” Consumers will be able to issue voice commands to smart home hardware through the Siri virtual assistant. 

New data from UBS indicates that Apple could sell more than 51 million iPhones in the quarter ending June 30, 2015. UBS attributes much of the strength in iPhone sales to China, where iPhones have seen a 100 percent increase in sales year over year. In 2014, Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the June quarter, a number that was lower than expected by Wall Street although it was up 12.7% over 2013 numbers. AppleInsider notes that if Apple can exceed 50 million iPhone sales in the current quarter, it will keep alive a streak of three straight quarters with sales above that mark. 

It’s Think Different Thursday, which means that Apple World Today accessibility editor Alex Jurgensen will be on the recorded podcast this afternoon with a piece on how to use VoiceOver to get a vocal caller ID on your iPhone.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another AWT News Update.