AWT News Update: May 12, 2015



Like the Apple logo of the past, today's Apple news update is a rainbow of contrasts!

  • Apple tops the Greenpeace Clean Energy Index with a perfect score
  • Google News & Weather now has an Apple Watch companion app
  • Smugglers trying to bring Apple products into Argentina illegally had those goods confiscated recently
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong in Beijing
  • OtoSense iOS app listens for doorbells, phones and timers for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

The full text of the podcast script is listed below.

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Steve Sande here from Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update for May 12, 2015.

When it comes to technology companies, Apple is at the top of the Greenpeace Clean Energy Index included as part of its 2015 Click Clean Report. Thanks in part to its agressive renewable energy commitment and siting policy, energy efficiency and mitigation, renewable energy deployment and advocacy, and its transparency in reporting its energy sourcing, Apple gained a perfect 100% index rating. The company uses no natural gas, coal or nuclear energy to run any of its data center operations. By comparison, Yahoo! was the second highest-rated tech company with a 73% index rating, Facebook was at 49%, and Google at 46%. 

There’s another source for news on your wrist. Google News & Weather has been updated, now providing an Apple Watch companion app that can provide the top five latest headlines in Google News. With a Force Touch on your Watch display, the stories are saved to your Safari Reading List for future reference and a look at all of the text. The app is free.

Almost 500 Apple products — including 260 iPhones, 10 iPads and 60 MacBooks — were confiscated by Argentinian tax authorities recently from smugglers attempting to tap the lucrative market for the devices. There are no Apple Stores in Argentina, so the devices were purchased legally in another country for resale at higher prices, but bypassing the high import duties of Argentina.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong on Tuesday in Beijing, one of a series of such meetings over several years as Apple attempts to expand its sales and operations in China. According to state-run news agency Xinhua, Liu praised Apple for its “business development in China and its active cooperation with China in science, technology, education and other fields.” Liu is the highest ranking woman in the Chinese government, and she reportedly asked Cook to continue expanding Apple’s investments in China as well as to work on furthering ties between China and the U.S. 

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing need never miss another doorbell or timer again. OtoSense is an iOS app designed for those with limited hearing ability that interprets audio cues, such as doorbells, telephones, timers, etc., and compares them against a database of sounds. If the sound is recognized, an alert is triggered, either as a vibration or a flashing light. You can find a review of OtoSense here

We’ll be back tomorrow with another AWT News Update.