AWT Health Club: Chocolate Easter Bunnies and WebMD

Lindt Chocolate Bunny, Image via

Lindt Chocolate Bunny, Image via

Another week, another chance to get healthier… or did you bite the ears off of too many chocolate bunnies? My personal goals were once again thwarted; my heel’s feeling better, but I’ve had a very painful toothache for the last week that has not yet been fixed and the combination of pain and fatigue has kept me sidelined. However, as you’ll see on my personal stats, I still managed to increase my daily average steps.

This week’s app: WebMD

Sometimes you just don’t feel good. Perhaps you have pain that’s recurring and interfering with your workouts, maybe it’s a spot on your arm that suddenly appeared. Whatever the situation, WebMD’s apps for iPhone and iPad are both valuable companions.

While the layout of both apps varies a bit, the idea behind them is the same: to provide a single source of trusted health information. One useful tool is the Symptom Checker. To begin trying to narrow down a medical issue, there’s a “mannequin” that you can use to point out where the issue is. Answer some questions, and the Symptom Checker lists possible causes in order of likelihood.

For example, my current pain might be caused by a tooth problem, which is why I’m seeing my dentist first. But if my dentist isn’t able to fix the problem — and at this point a combination of antibiotics, an exam, and an x-ray hasn’t really pointed out what might be the cause — answering questions about the severity and location of pain points out some other likely candidates. One that I wasn’t particularly thrilled to hear about is trigeminal neuralgia, but the symptoms are not exactly the same so I’m hopeful it’s still just a tooth problem.

That’s not all you get with the app. There’s also a comprehensive list of medical conditions, a huge list of medications (by generic and trade names) including side effects and pictures of common pills and packages, a way to refill or transfer prescriptions to Walgreens drugstores in the US, first aid information, a physician search (by name or specialty in your local area), a glossary of medical terms, and a full list of medical tests and procedures. (Click any of the images below to zoom in)

The app is even quite useful when you’re feeling healthy, including a section called WebMD Healthy Target. It lets you select and track healthy habit goals, gives tips and facts about workouts or just moving more, tracks your steps and weight, and can even be used to track your sleep. My favorite part of this was adding habits; my first week, the app suggested a number of healthy habits, including touching my toes just after waking up and just before sleeping to improve or maintain flexibility, cutting out sugar or sweeteners for breakfast, and drinking a sip of water between bites at breakfast.

WebMD also provides a “daily lifestyle magazine” called Healthy Living, as well as food and recipe suggestions. If you’re looking for one app to provide you with a broad spectrum of information, tracking, and healthy tips, WebMD is a great one to download. It’s free, and the ads tend to be small and unobtrusive.

Health Club Members!

Rather than having to post your progress (or in my case, the lack thereof) on the Apple World Today Facebook page, I’ve created a group that’s strictly set up for us. You’ll need to be invited to the group; please use the email button on the right sidebar to send me the email address you use for Facebook so I can invite you.

My weekly stats:

  • Weight: 197.1 lbs *
  • Change from last week: +0.0 lbs *
  • Steps taken each day: M-1166,T-5075, W-2081, TH-1435, F-1675, SA-1516, SU-1962 *
  • Average steps per day last week: 2187 (+371 from previous week)

Let’s hear how you did! Let’s get moving!