AWT News Update: April 29, 2015

On a sunny (at least at Apple World Today HQ) day in April, there's a variety of Apple news awaiting you on this podcast:

  • iOS 8 is now running on more than 80% of all iOS devices
  • American Airlines passengers faced delays yesterday after an iPad app used by pilots on Boeing 737 aircraft caused the iPads to crash
  • Twitter announced yesterday that it was working with Apple to build tweet search into Spotlight, and that capability is up and running
  • Pixelmator for Mac gets a huge update including Force Touch trackpad support

The full text version of the podcast script is available below.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update for April 29, 2015. Our sponsor this week is Juicy Bits Software, developers of the new WhereNotes app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Providing fast and simple location-based notes, photos, and sound recordings from the Apple Watch or iPhone, WhereNotes will bring up reminders whenever you arrive at a pre-determined spot. 

Operating system fragmentation isn’t a thing in the Apple world, with most users of both Macs and iOS devices updating to the latest versions of the operating systems within a few months of release. Apple’s developer site is now showing that a total of 81% of all iOS devices are currently running iOS 8 or later, with just 17% running iOS 7 and only 2% running earlier versions. That iOS 8 adoption number is up since earlier in the month, probably due to the release of the Apple Watch last Friday. It must be paired with an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 8.2 or 8.3. 
Some American Airlines passengers faced delays on Tuesday after a bug in the iPad navigation app used by the airlines’ pilots and co-pilots caused the iPads to crash. The problem appeared to impact the airline’s large fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, with a passenger tweeting that “pilot says all AmericanAirlines pilot iPads in 737 fleet went dead, all at once”. American flies 226 737s in its fleet of 627 aircraft, and the issue grounded flights that were about to depart. The iPads all run software by Jeppesen, which makes navigation apps for aviation and marine industries.

Twitter hinted yesterday that they are partnering with Apple to build tweet searches into Apple’s Spotlight search engine in iOS and OS X, and lo and behold, that capability is up and running today. You can now search Twitter @names and #hashtags directly from Spotlight. A test a few minutes ago showed that a user’s profile statement appears in Spotlight if you search their @name, and hashtag searches will show top results. 

If you’re a fan of Pixelmator for Mac, you might want to get the latest update to version 3.3.2 as soon as possible. The update provides support for the new Mac Photos app and now includes a vastly improved Repair tool. The company also added pressure sensitivity using the Force Touch trackpad that’s available on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, and fixed a bunch of bugs that had been pestering users. 

We’ll be back tomorrow with another AWT News Update.