AWT News Update: April 28, 2015



A shock! It's not all Apple Watch news on the AWT News Update today. Our stories include:

  • Arm and wrist tattoos are making the Apple Watch heart rate sensor go whacky
  • Wall Street analysts love them some Apple after yesterday's record second quarter earnings, raising estimates for the company
  • Dropbox gains a new commenting feature
  • Christy Turlington Burns posted the eighth and final chapter in her Apple-hosted Watch blog

The full text version of the podcast script is available below.

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This is Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and you’re listening to the AWT News Update for April 28, 2015. Our sponsor this week is Juicy Bits Software, developers of the new WhereNotes app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Providing fast and simple location-based notes, photos, and sound recordings from the Apple Watch or iPhone, WhereNotes will bring up reminders whenever you arrive at a pre-determined spot. 

The heart rate sensor on the back of the Apple Watch is designed to make sure that the watch is in contact with a live human being before it captures heart rate data or can be used for Apple Pay. If you remove the watch, it will lock itself and a passcode needs to be entered prior to using it again. Well, some new Apple Watch owners with wrist or arm tattoos are finding out that the ink used interferes with the sensor, making it impossible for it to accurately capture heart rate info. If you’re in this quandary, the only recommendation we can provide is to use the Watch on your other — hopefully un-tattooed — wrist. Apple will need to change the sensitivity and range of the sensor to put up with certain tattoos. 
After yesterday’s Apple earnings call, the majority of Wall Street analysts who follow the company raised their price target estimates. Analysts from RBC Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley, Piper Jaffray, Brean Capital, and Wells Fargo all raised price targets anywhere from a conservative $135 dollars per share to a skies the limit $170 dollars per share. 

The popular Dropbox app received a new feature today. You can now post comments about any file stored on the Dropbox website. Simply click on the file, type an at sign (@) followed by a name or email address, and the recipient gets an email with your comment and a link to the file. It’s a great way to get feedback on files quickly and in one place. The feature is currently up and running for all Dropbox users.

Apple has posted the final chapter of model and marathon runner Christy Turlington Burns’ blog. As you may recall, Turlington Burns was present at the announcement of the Apple Watch ship date and she’s been writing a personal blog about how the Watch fits into her lifestyle. She was training for the London Marathon, so running and fitness were the primary focus of her blog. Turlington Burns ran well in the marathon, breaking her goal of a sub-4 hour marathon with a final time of 3 hours 46 minutes and 45 seconds. While her training likely played a bigger part in the big finish, we’d like to think that the Apple Watch played a starring role as well. You can view the blog by pointing your browser at and scrolling down until you see the link in the fitness section. 

We’ll be back tomorrow with another AWT News Update.