Accessible Apple: Apple Watch Setup with VoiceOver, The Missing Guide


Earlier, I detailed how to get an Apple Watch Try-on Appointment if you have an interest in looking at the device's accessibility features. In this installment, I will detail some tips and tricks to help VoiceOver users completing the pairing process used for linking an Apple Watch with an iPhone.


I was originally going to write an end-to-end guide on pairing the Apple Watch with an iPhone. However, before I could, Twitter user Caitlin McMarrow pointed me to Apple's Apple Watch VoiceOver Setup guide. I will dedicate the remainder of this guide to address tips and tricks I found while pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone 6.

Pairing With VoiceOver

My notes below are written to supplement the Apple's official instructions.

Step 1: It may take up to 2 minutes from when you begin the Apple Watch boot up for the process to complete.

Step 6 (A): Make sure you have the latest iOS update, currently iOS 8.3. You can check that you have the latest software update by going into Settings -> General -> Software Update. If you have versions earlier than 8.2, you will not have the Apple Watch app.

Step 6 (B): You can use Siri on the ipHone to launch the Apple Watch app. Press the Home Button until you hear a double tone. Release the Home Button and say "Open Apple Watch". The app will then open.

Step 8.1: To attempt automatic pairing, locate the camera lens on your iPhone. It can be found on the top right-hand corner of the back face of the phone.

Step 8.2: Place the Apple Watch face up on a table.

Step 8.3: Place the camera lens in the centre of the Apple Watch's display.

Step 8.4: Lift the iPhone slowly to a height of about 15.2 cm (6 Inches).

Step 8.5: You will hear a pairing confirmation.

Step 8.6: If the above fails, lower the iPhone back to the watch's display and try again. Alternatively, refer to Steps 9 to 13 of the Apple guide for manual pairing instructions.

Next Up

In the next installment, I will be rounding up a list of resources that will help users learn the accessibility features of the Apple Watch.

Stay tuned!!!

Wrapping Up

I hope the above helps with your Apple Watch setup.

I look forward to hearing your Apple Watch experiences and please share in the comments below or on Twitter. Questions and comments are also welcome.