Twitterrific 5.10 for iPhone adds muting, muffling, drafts and more

The workers at the Iconfactory have released Twitterrific 5.10 for iPhone (free with in-app purchases) with some very nice new features, including drafts, muffle and mute. 


I'm liking drafts a whole lot. To send a tweet to your drafts library, simply tap "close" after composing it, and then hit "Save Draft." When you're ready to publish, tap the paper icon at the bottom of the compose window to flip it over and reveal your list of drafts. From here you've got two options. 

The Copy Drafts button will puts the saved tweet into the current compose field and copies it to the clipboard. The other button moves the draft to the compose field, deleting it from your drafts queue. Note that the former method keeps your draft in the queue while the latter deletes it. If there's a message that you'll re-use -- "Reminder: We'll be live on Periscope in 15 minutes" -- use Copy Drafts to save yourself some time. 

Drafts are account-specific. If you manage several Twitter accounts like I do, each can have its own library of drafts in Twitterrific 5.10. Again, this is super handy as I often set up AWT tweets ahead of time, and don't necessarily want to see them in my @davidcaolo draft queue.  Lastly, drafts sync across iOS devices. Yay! 

Mute and muffle

Tired of tweets about #keyboardCat? Escape those annoying tweets by muffling or muting them. What's the different between the two? Muffling reduces the tweet to a single, dimmed line in the timeline, while muting completely removes it. You can peek at a muffled tweet, should your curiosity get the best of you, but that's not possible with a muted tweet. Note also that replies and mentions are "un-muffled" automatically. 

Manage your mute/muffle preferences by entering the app's sidebar. You can muffle a screenname, hashtag, URL doman or phrase. To "upgrade" a muffle to a mute, simply swipe left on it and tap "Mute." Begone, annoying tweets!

This is a quite nice update to my favorite Twitter client for iOS, and is free to current customers. Go and grab it now. Just don't mute me.