Caturday: Monkey misses the CRTs

Monkey enjoying a snooze in the sun... Photo by Cookie Bonanza

Monkey enjoying a snooze in the sun... Photo by Cookie Bonanza

Cats of the past had some advantages over the new generation. For example, they could lay on top of hot CRT monitors and soak up a lot of the wasted energy. Sadly, the move to flatscreen displays made it hard for felines to lay on top of monitors and stay warm. Says owner Cookie Bonanza:

It’s Caturday today, and here’s a pic of my cat, Monkey. He got into the habit of sleeping on my monitors back when I had a pair of CRTs, and his shedding messed with their cooling so I built a platform for him that rested on top of one of them. When they were replaced with a pair of sweet Apple 30” flatscreen monitors, there was nowhere for him to sleep anymore. Trouble ensued, until I built another platform behind the monitors for him. Here he is after a hard day of napping, judging my browsing habits.

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A compliment on your choice of website and a big thank you to Monkey and Cookie