Backerjack Podcast episode 9: Time and some other four-letter words

This week on the Backerjack Podcast, Ross Rubin and I sit down for a talk about quite a few things, including a lot of projects with four-letter names: Time (well, it is the Pebble Time, but bear with me...), Keys, Podo, Fogo. There's also a quick chat about Sesame and Reserve Strap. What are all of these crowdfunded projects?

  • The Sesame lock is an easy-to-install way to retrofit an existing deadbolt lock and replace your keys with your iPhone
  • Keys, a MIDI keyboard with LED-illuminated keys, gesture control, and even the ability to magnetically attach to other Keys. The keyboard will have support on over 150 apps at launch
  • Podo, a colorful and Bluetooth-connected way to replace the dreaded selfie stick
  • And Fogo, the outdoors enthusiast's go-to gadget with a configurable LED flashlight, GPS, walkie-talkie and apps