Todoist 10 for iPhone, iPad is the best paper replacement yet

The folks at Todoist have released Todoist 10 for iOS, their most ambitious update yet. The changes further solidify my decision to go all-in on Todoist, and make me feel confident that I'll keep my promise to 5by5's Jordan Cooper to not use another task manager for 12 months. Why? Because data entry is so easy now, it's almost equal to the speed of using paper and pen. Here's my look at Todoist 10 for iOS.

When I boarded the mobile productivity train years ago, fresh from the altar of Getting Things Done, I was all excited about projects, tasks and productivity.* I ran out and bought a Palm Tungsten T3 handheld, confident that the little device would be the ubiquitous capture tool for me. Weeks later, I realized I was using a (then) hundred-dollar device to keep lists. Out it went, replaced with a Hipster PDA.

Nothing beat the speed of writing something down on paper with a pen. Plus, my hPDA never had a dead battery, crashed or failed to connect right when I needed it. I even found awesome three-by-five templates to print on my color-coded cards. Bliss.

Well, almost.

Again, it wasn't the productive nirvana I was looking for. Analog search (flipping through cards) sucks. So does losing your pen, and dropping cards on the floor. I need a synthesis of paper's ease and electronic efficiency. Todoist the closest I've come to a perfect solution.

Todoist 10 for iOS makes dramatic improvements to data entry. There are two ways to get info into Todoist 10. First, tap the "+" that appears inside a project. Or, you can use our fingers to push two tasks apart and create a new one between them. This is so handy and I've used it countless times over the last month. Often a new task will appear that has a specific place within a chronological list. Now I can put it right there from the get-go. But this is minor compared to the next improvement to data entry.

Natural language support is fantastic. Enter your regular text and Todoist is smart enough to pull out the details. For example, if I enter "Lunch with Janie on Friday at 2:00 @meetings", Todoist highlights "Friday at 2:00" as important, and recognizes "@meetings" as a tag. You can create repeating events this way too, even with a termination date. "Take the kids to soccer every Wednesday at 4:00 until April 28." It's super fast and eliminates what I dislike about many productivity apps: the time spent adding tags, color-coding, re-ordering, confirming repeat specifics, etc.

Another huge time saver is multiple-task editing. Finally, you can be inside a project, tap the "..." at the top of the screen and select "Edit multiple items." From there, let the batch processing begin. Move, flag, archive, change a date or mark several tasks as done at once. Finally, you can indent and re-order items with a long tap.

I should mention that there are a few new themes too, so if the default red isn't your thing, you can change it.

Todoist 10 is a free update to all existing users with the option to upgrade to Premium for $29/year. This is such a good update to a piece of software that I love. It's faster, more efficient, and makes me embarrassed that I used to carry around a stack of index cards.

*As excited as one can be about these things.