Pic It! is a cute quiz game for iPhone

Pic It! (free) is a cute little quiz game that gives you something to do with the silly photos that are on your iPhone. I'm talking about the throw-away selfies and shots or your dog's wet nose that you used as the punchline to a tweet. With Pic It!, they're part of a quiz!

Game Play

Pic It! is a social quiz game that's easy to play. To start, select a photo that will suggest the answer to a riddle. In the example above, I used a photo of my daughter's pointe shoes and added the hint, "Keeping you on your". My opponent receives the image and hint, plus a pool of letters, some of which spell out the answer: "Toes".


You can decorate (or obfuscate, if you wish) your image to make things more entertaining or challenging for your opponent with image filters, color options and editing tools like blur, focus, crop and font. You get one of each to start, and additional options can be purchased with in-game coins. Fortunately, they're easy to earn:

  • Gain 30 coins when you login with Facebook
  • Gain 15 Coins for the first game of the day you complete correctly
  • Gain 5 Coins for each game you complete correctly
  • Gain 1 Coin when you send out a game
  • Gain 1 Coin whenever a friend plays one of your games (win or lose)

Of course, you can also buy game coins with real-world money.

I'd like to use a lifeline, Regis

If you're really suck, use the lifeline feature, which reveals a letter and keeps you guessing.

Like I said, it's a fun little game and an entertaining way to share photos. You can "recycle" photos that are just sitting on your phone, or even use Pic It! as a playful way to share your activities with far-flung family and friends.

The only con is that you must spam your Facebook friends in order to play. I understand why the developers made that choice -- it's a way to get several friends up and playing quickly -- but some people dislike making requests like that. Also, some people will be put off by the idea of buying in-game currency, but as I described, it's easy to earn if you're just a little patient.

Pic It! is available now from the Apple App Store. It is free.