AOL Sign-in for iTunes and App Store is disappearing March 31

Hey, AOL fans! The company is dropping support for AOL Sign-in for iTunes and the App Store, so anyone using an AOL username to sign into the iTunes Store, App Store or iBook Store will be out of luck starting March 31.

Starting March 31, 2015, AOL will no longer allow customers to use their AOL Username (also known as an AOL Screen Name) to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store. You must convert your AOL Username to an Apple ID in order to maintain access to the stores and to content you purchased previously.

This is another questionable move by the same folks who shut down their marquee website about the world's most successful consumer electronics company

Apple says they'll no longer provide support for AOL usernames that aren't converted to an Apple ID after March 31, 2015. The transition process to an Apple ID can be started by logging into iTunes with an AOL username, at which time users can follow on-screen directions provided by Apple.