Steve Sande and Ross Rubin talk crowdfunding on the Backerjack podcast


Once a week, Backerjack founder Ross Rubin and I meet up to chat about the latest products that are attempting to get funding through Indiegogo, Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sources. This week, on Episode 6 of the Backerjack Podcast, Ross and I talk about:

  • A new device, CarVi, that provides some rather high-tech driving assistance in a small, windshield-mounted and connected device.
  • Those who love the subtle glow of garden lights at night will love the solar-powered, color LED PLAYBULB.
  • A relatively unexciting wearable with nebulous goals called The One.
  • The fun (or scary, if you are my inner child...) coaching robotic head with glowing teeth that teaches your kids how to brush their teeth - it's BrushyBall.

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