9to5Mac report: Apple is helping developers polish Apple Watch apps

The developers invited by Apple to Cupertino range from those behind titles for sports applications and productivity software. Apple has also been meeting with banks to work on WatchKit applications that assist with the Apple Watch’s Apple Pay functionality. Besides U.S.-based banks, Apple has been working on WatchKit apps with developers from Germany-based banks, which indicates Apple is likely in talks with more foreign banks to expand Apple Pay to more countries across the world.
— http://9to5mac.com/2015/02/16/apple-invites-developers-to-cupertino-to-finish-watchkit-apps-test-out-watch/

The article also notes that there is a sense of urgency around the meetings, presumably in order to have a good number of smoothly-running apps developed with WatchKit at the launch of the Apple Watch or at least prior to a pre-release press event.

Our take on the news: The timing is right, we know that many developers -- especially from marquee developers -- have been working on Apple Watch counterparts to their iOS apps, and 9to5Mac blogger Mark Gurman has the ear of developers who are more than happy to spill the beans. We're happy to see that Apple's newest product will have a lot of quality apps ready to roll when it's finally available.