Hype HTML5 creation tool updated to version 3.5, adds a variety of features

Last week's news that Adobe was discontinuing the Edge HTML5 animation tool and putting its HTML5 content creation tools into a variety of apps -- Adobe Muse, Adobe Animate CC, and Dreamweaver -- was seen as another step towards a hopefully Flash-free future, but was viewed as a confusing step by many web designers and developers who want just one app to work with. Fortunately, there's another tool available from Tumult called Hype (US$49.99, Pro version $99.99 available through an in-app purchase) that is designed to do a focused set of tasks very well -- create HTML5 web content, interactive web content, and animations. The app received an update to version 3.5, which adds a huge list of new and updated features. Here's a video to show you exactly what's new:

The great thing about Hype 3.5 is that you can try it for 14 days free by downloading it from the Tumult website. Once you've seen how useful it is, head over to the Mac App Store and buy a copy. This is the way that other Mac developers -- for example, those who created BBEdit and Sketch -- ought to offer free trials instead of pulling out of the Mac App Store. 

Apple World Today will publish a full review of Hype 3.5 Pro in the near future.