A bigger, curved screen iMac would offer an immersive experience

In a January article for The Verge, Thomas Ricker says he’s “wanted a curved iMac ever since I first saw Nuno Teixeira’s concept back in 2008.” Samsung and LF announced their own at the 2015 CES show. Will Apple announce one? If so, when? And should it?

I like the idea of a curved screen iMac. If you’ve got a 27-incher, if you want to look at something onscreen near one side, then the other, you need may have to crane your neck to see it. Otherwise, you’re looking at the screen at an angle. 

By using flexible display technology, I believe Apple could build wrap-around iMacs that could be about 30 inches high and four or five feet across, curving around in a semi circle so that the middle is about the same distance from your face as the edges. 

I'm a die-hard iMac user. As I've mentioned before, it often doubles as my TV screen/DVD player/radio/etc. So 30 inches of display would be great for me. And with developments in flexible-glass touch displays, it's an idea whose day may have arrived.

A curved screen iMac makes more sense than a curved screen television. The curve on a curvy TV can be obvious in person and especially in images and video shot from the sides and above, but when you're watching it from the couch, it basically disappears. But with an iMac, you’re sitting directly in front of it and a curved screen could be truly immersive.

The graphics in this article are courtesy of The Verge and Endgadget.