Scanbot 5 for iOS gets folders, folder sync with iCloud Drive, and more

One of the most useful utilities for iOS just got an update. Scanbot 5 (free with in-app purchases) received new features and functionality that make it an even more powerful tool for scanning and storing documents.

The team at doo GmbH say that they currently have 750,000 monthly active users of the app, a rating of about 4.7 stars in the iOS app store and those happy users are -- as a group -- now scanning about 1 million new documents every month. As such, it's necessary for many users to figure out how to organize what they scan and save. 

Scanbot 5 adds folders that allow users to stay organized. The folders synchronize with iCloud Drive (Pro version) to your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Windows PC, so your neatly organized documents are in folders across different devices. 

The app still does what it is great at, auto-snapping photos of documents, applying perspective correction, and then auto-uploading the documents to the cloud service of your choice. The Pro version ($4.99 in-app purchase) adds OCR (text recognition) and search, editing of saved PDFs, passcode and Touch ID locking of your scanned documents, document actions, reminders, and smart naming of documents.

Scanbot is the epitome of an app that started off with power and features that weren't matched with other scanning apps, and it's just gotten better over the years with each update. I personally found the app to be tremendously useful this summer when I was working to get my elderly parents moved to a retirement community and sell their house, as it made it simple to keep track of the avalanche of paperwork generated by the move.

With the folder capability, it's simple to create and move documents into pre-set or new folders for easy classification. I'm busy going through all of the thousand or so documents I've scanned with Scanbot, moving them into folders so they can be more easily retrieved in the future.

Scanbot is always one of the apps I recommend to new iPhone or iPad users, and with the new features added to Scanbot 5, it's become even more useful.