Arriving tracks your packages, on sale on the Mac App Store today

One thing about being a tech blogger is that you constantly have a seemingly endless parade of packages heading your way, carrying all sorts of new products to review. Trying to keep track of what's on the way, where it is, and when it will get to your home or office is the idea behind Arriving (US$9.99, on sale today for $1.99), a new Mac app that brings all of the package tracking power you'll need to a simple truck icon in your menubar.

My first thought when I heard about Arriving was "isn't this something that OS X does already?" Sure, you can go into Mail and click on the data detector next to a tracking number, and it will usually give you information about one package. But in the case where you have a lot of packages winging their way to you, that means that you need to keep track of each email and then remember to check on the package status several times a day.

Through a simple interface, Arriving lets you enter any number of package tracking numbers for almost a hundred delivery companies around the world. You can give each package a name -- like "Smart Keyboard" or "New belt" -- and then you'll know exactly what the status is for each of the packages with one click on the menubar. 

With another click on a double arrow, you can see each status update for an individual package. Launching the app provides a map showing a pin where each package was last seen, and if a delivery date is known, Arriving shows exactly how many days until the delivery will be made.

The map feature was a little odd for one UPS package that I was tracking during my review of the app; it couldn't discern the state that the package was in (Texas), so it just put a pin in the geographical center of the US. As the name implies, Arriving is designed for packages that are being shipped to you. It did give me the delivery status of a package I had shipped, but not the map pin or any of the status updates made along the way.

Arriving is well worth the $1.99 price tag today only, but the $9.99 regular price might be a bit too high for most people unless they need to track a lot of incoming packages as part of their daily lives.