The AluPlug shows that wall chargers can be gorgeous as well as functional

Just Mobile’s $29.95 AluPlug is a luxury aluminum wall charger for iOS devices with a striking round design. You can get wall chargers for half its price, but for many Apple fans a little extra cash outlay for visually appealing products is worth it. You’ll have to decide if that’s you.

With two full-power USB ports, the two-port AluPlug inserts into any standard wall socket (100-240V) to deliver fast, reliable charging for two devices (it works with all iPads, iPhones, the Apple Watch, and, yes, the iPad Pro) thanks to its use of IC Auto-Detect technology. Its LED indicator “softly lights up your cozy home,” according to the folks at Just Mobile. True enough, if that’s your cup of tea.

The AluPlug measures only 2.32 x 1.69 x 1.69 inches and has foldable pins for easy storage. I keep mine packed for use when traveling to spend the night with one of my siblings. That’s a bit of a waste, as the high-grade aluminum with knurled finishing begs to be displayed in a highly visible wall socket, not hidden in a suitcase.