Notable apps and app updates for Dec. 7, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for Mac OS X, iOS, and tvOS.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

Software and Computer System Company (SCSC) has released ClearTime for Mac OS X. It’s a configurable clock and alarm system designed to provide computer users with a more obvious and configurable alarm and clock monitor than those found with standard Mac apps.

ClearTime features a fully configurable clock with user configurable sizes and colors, and alarms that can be configured to use built in sounds or user selected audio tracks.

ClearTime is available for Intel systems only, but it still supports the older operating system versions like Snow Leopard, right up through the latest version of OS X, El Capitan. It costs US$14.95.

Ohanaware has released Cardsmith, their latest greetings card program for Mac OS X. Designed for El Capitan, it offers a modern design and takes advantage of many of the latest OS X technologies.

It also features the latest iteration of Ohanaware's custom print engine, designed to better handle printers that don't support borderless printing. Cardsmith is available at a limited special discounted price of $6.99. Normally, it’s$9.99. tax.

iOS Apps/Updates

Serious Games Interactive has announced Materials Hunter 1. In the free casual game, you travel through history with two friends - Max and Lily, helping a small community evolve by crafting new technologies, by merging different materials. As you play, you watch your society improve. has released Trip Wire for Groupon. It’s a free mobile app that triggers Groupon offers at your current location. When you’re physically within 50 meters and have "stepped on" or driven nearby a business that has a local Groupon offer, the app plays a sound notification and delivers you directly to that Groupon offer page.

Pilcrow AG has introduced Peace of Mind 1.0. It’s a $1.99 ad blocker that prevents the download of unwanted streaming media and also prevents private data being sent to web pages.

iThinkdiff has unveiled Swedish English Bilingual Dictionary 1.0 for iOS devices, including the Apple Watch. Featuring a large database, Scanning, Pronunciation, Online Translator, Phrase Book, Flash cards and games, the free app is designed to help both students and travelers to translate nearly anything from Swedish into English and vice versa. English words link to their Wiktionary page to help users discover the history behind them, and built-in app connections let users send their translations to other apps on their device.

tvOS Apps/Updates

Lightsphere has announced Holiday Bells for Apple TV. The $2.99 app brings 19 classic Christmas songs and the sound of handbells to the Apple TV.