KRADL is a solid accessory for diehard MacBook fans

As I've said before, the 12-inch MacBook is a great (if pricey) secondary Mac, but it doesn't cut it as my main computer. Some folks feel differently. If the teeny laptop serves as your main Mac, UPPERCASE’s KRADL Air Vertical Stand — which also works with the MacBook Air — is a nice accessory.

The KRADL lets your MacBook sit vertically instead of horizontally. This only makes sense, of course, if you’re using the laptop with an external display, keyboard and mouse. (Using an external display requires some adapters  for the MacBook’s USB-C port.) If you do have such a set-up, the KRADL can protect the laptop from spilled drinks. It also takes up less desktop space (not that the MacBook takes up much space anyway). 

The KRADL is a good aesthetic match for the small laptop. Its frame is machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum. A rubber silicone pad on the base protects your desk and prevents the MacBook and stand from sliding on your desk.

If, like me, you mainly use your MacBook when you're on the go, there's little need for the KRADL. But if you love the diminutive Mac and use it as both a laptop and a "desktop," this US$49.99 peripheral is for you.