Nuance Dragon Anywhere dictation now available on iOS

Dictation is nothing new to the iOS and OS X world; in fact, Siri dictation has worked on both platforms for several years. But for many professionals who need a solid dictation solution, Dragon Dictate has always been the go-to application. Nuance, the company behind that solution, has announced Dragon Anywhere for iOS

You won't find Dragon Anywhere in the App Store; instead, it's available directly from Nuance's online store. Dragon Anywhere is a cloud-based solution with a 7-day free trial, after which potential users can decide to keep using the service for US$15 monthly or $150 annually. The service was previously available for Android and has now moved to the iOS platform. It works on the iPad 3 and newer, iPhone 5 or newer, iPad mini (any model), and iPad Pro, and the device must have an active Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Like the full-fledged Mac and PC software, Dragon Anywhere provides very fast and accurate voice recognition that adapts to the voice and accent of a particular user. Unlike OS X dictation, Dragon Anywhere doesn't time out after 30 seconds of talking, so even long-winded dictation sessions are captured perfectly.

The service provides voice navigation, formatting, and editing commands, and auto-texts (think of TextExpander) can be created for frequently-used passages. There's even a way to add industry-specific terminology to improve accuracy, and documents created can be imported or exported to and from Dropbox and Evernote.

While Dragon Anywhere may be overkill for a lot of people, those who need to do a lot of writing and may have limited use of their hands (or lousy typing skills) can find this to be very useful.