Apple’s Johny Srouji awarded restricted stock unit worth $9.6 million

In his first U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing as Apple's senior vice president of Hardware Technologies, Johny Srouji revealed the recent receipt of a restricted stock unit award currently worth US$9.6 million, as well as substantial common stock holdings valued at $10.9 million, reports AppleInsider (

Earlier this month he was named senior vice president for Hardware Technologies. Srouji has been with Apple for nearly eight years as vice president of Hardware Technologies, where he oversees silicon and hardware technologies for Apple's product line. Srouji joined Apple in 2008 to lead development of the A4, which was Apple's first in-house design of a system on a chip.

He was awarded 90,270 RSUs on Oct. 5, 2015, two months before being officially promoted. The restricted stock is set to vest 12.5 percent in semi-annual installments over a period of four years.