Flurry Analytics: Phablets, Apple rule the holiday season

Analytics firm Flurry Insights has shared the gift giving trends for this holiday season, based on the 780,000 apps it tracks, and found that Apple devices still rule.

In 2013, only four percent of new device activations during the week leading up to Christmas were “phablets” (devices with 5.1-inch to 7-inch screens). This year 27 percent of all new devices fell into this category.

The iPhone 6s Plus had a lot to do with the strength of phablets. but, for the first time phablets accounted for half of all Android devices. Apple’s phablet was introduced in September 2014, and in less than a year and a half has commanded 12 percent share of all Apple devices activated during Christmas week. This appears to be coming at the expense of medium phones and small tablets as more users opt for the size in between the iPhone and iPad mini, according to Flurry Analytics.

The analytics firm didn’t break out a “Large Tablet” category for the new iPad Pro. These are grouped into “Full-Size Tablets” and represented less than one percent of device activations.  

Flurry Analytics next examined which manufacturers were winning the holiday shopping battle. Apple again took the top spot, with 49.1 percent of all new devices down 2.2 percentage points from 51.3 percent last year. Samsung clocked in at 19.8 percent, up 2.1 percent from  to 17.7 percent in 2014, driven by the new Galaxy Grand Prime, Core Prime, and S6.