Apple wins ‘complete victory’ in Android/undelivered text messages lawsuit

Apple has won a “complete victory” in a lawsuit that claimed the company wiretaps Android users by intercepting, and then failing to deliver, texts sent from iPhones to Android phones, reports Business Insider. Lucy Koh, a federal judge, ruled to dismiss the case with a single-sentence order.

Apple had previously asked the judge to dismiss the suit after Apple discovered that two of the three plaintiffs in the case had gotten rid of their old iPhones after they filed the suit against Apple. This means they’re unable to demonstrate whether texts sent to their phone numbers went to their Apple or Android devices, Apple claimed.

In May plaintiffs Adam Backhaut and Bouakhay Joy Backhaut of Macomb County, Michigan and Kenneth Morris of Riverside County, California launched a class action lawsuit against Apple in San Jose, California. They claimed that iMessage doesn’t work properly with Android smartphones. The lawsuit came one day after Adrienne Moore of California filed a lawsuit against Apple for the same reason.